I entered the wrong nickname in for Neverwinter; how to fix so I can get points?

Added Autumn 07.12.2017, 19:34

So on this page where you enter your nickname for the game, I wrote my nickname for Neverwinter incorrectly, because I forgot that Neverwinter gives you like 4 digits after your actual nickname in the game. Is there any way on Gamekit to fix the nickname that I entered on this site to match my actual game name? Or am i just screwed and can never get those points now?

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10.12.2017, 19:03

I doubt we would be punished, its our first time playing this game, after all.



15.12.2017, 16:31

Same, I need to know if there is anyway I can fix this mistake.



05.01.2020, 03:41

Same here... didn't know about the #0000 part of it, and first time in the game (which, it turns out... runs pretty good on my 8-core AMD system, 32gigs RAM, and 2gig Radeon 7800)... who says you need the latest, greatest hardware.