Quest expired, will it ever come back?

Added Jacktagon 26.11.2017, 01:09

Was looking forward to this one, was gonna start after I finished Crossout but now there's no more quest for it. Does this happen often with them coming back later or nah I missed out?

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Scoobert Doobert

22.01.2018, 02:29

Yeah I had a similar problem. If any mod is scrolling through hopefully they can answer this. TBH I find this as a really efficient way to find good games while getting points to spend in said games but the site itself is kinda problematic. FeelsBadMan



31.01.2018, 05:19

Yes, when you miss your chance you still have a chance of it coming back in the future. This happened to me several times. In the future just start the quest before time runs out. Better safe than sorry.

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