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Screenshot login not accepted?

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The 1st mission of D&D states that i have to login for the first time on my account. I logged in and took a screenshot but it was rejected several times? What am i doing wrong?

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SKT1 Camille

19.11.2017, 19:04

Are you sure you read the missions right? You might have read the line requesting you to open and begin the game. If I remember right, first quest is level 9.

User deleted

19.11.2017, 22:13

My 3rd attempt got accepted. Thanks for the reply :D



11.12.2017, 20:19

What were you doing wrong? Because I am having the same problem.

User deleted

13.12.2017, 02:27
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I figured it out. You have to enter the game - as in actually launch the game where you can run around , and then press c to bring up your char menu. Then take a pic of your screen when your c menu is open.



19.07.2018, 13:00

Oh my god... User deleted, you are a life saver lmao. There should totally be a way for the administrators to pin this on the home page.

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