how do you do the first quest???

Added Stonefist9 10.11.2017, 23:25

i keep uploading a picture of the main menu with my name stonzey#2934 and it keeps getting rejected, can someone explain what i do to make sure it doesnt get rejected?

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11.11.2017, 00:40

You have to be on the right page in order to take the screenshot. I think pressing C might do it, but I might be wrong.



11.11.2017, 18:08

In the game, logged in as the character with the name you registered here, hit "C" on your keyboard then take a screenshot of the entire screen. Make sure your character is EXACTLY level 10, no more, no less. If you're absolutely certain your name and level are visible on the screen, and they are both correct, use a photo editor or the snipping tool to highlight or circle the info so the image reviewer can find it easily. Sometimes they don't know where to look, I guess. I've had to do that a few times.



12.11.2017, 05:33

I was able to send a screenshot of myself idle without anything pulled up, seemed that name and level in the top-left was enough.

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