SIR ! there is a misunderstanding

Added James 08.11.2017, 20:00

hi sir !
i send a screenshot of the mesiion 1 but and u rejected me . i didn't understand why u rejected me at first but when i saw the screenshot that i send i find out why .
i put my ingame name : wukong999 i right it in miniscul words but i didn't know when i took the screen shot was apear like WUKONG999 and its not my faut sir its the game 's faut cauz look at this pictures :
1- the first picture is the screen shot that i send it to u and u reject it
2- the second picture explain the error of the game. i didn't know that there is such error i mean i play that game for first time and i made a mistake i wasn't expect that my screen shot is going to be rejected so in order to not wast time i keeped playing and lvl up cauz im study and have job to do .so i reached the lvl 15 when u rejected me
3- third picture its confirme the difrence between them i mean the minuscul and majuscul words and how its look like
4- the 4th and the 5th picture are confirmed too the difrence between the sizes of the words i creat an charactér in order to show u the defrence but i couldn't name it the same soo i have to add an A word to the name .
the pictures link is : https://imgur.com/a/jOllq
so plz sir reconsider about the rejectection of my screenshot and ty

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08.11.2017, 20:07

+ sir the screen shot that i send it to u its shows the name and the lvl



08.11.2017, 22:20
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Go to this link and submit a ticket. Explain what you said there and attach the screenshot.

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