For anyone complaining about the level 32 quest

Added Adham 04.11.2017, 01:20

Hello everyone. I'm an active member on gamekit, I take my time to complete quests for points so I may get the rewards I would want. For those who are complaining about level 32, honestly it does not take that long. It took me 4-6 days to get from level 1-32. I'll be happy to give tips if needed, but my main tip is just accept only main story quests, they will give you the most exp. and some from General knox will make you go meet someone else for a low amount of exp, but doing the quests for who you meet gives a lot of exp. If anyone needs help, ask me

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04.11.2017, 12:30

we should make a guild for anyone doing these quests so that we all get an exp multiplier bonus



05.11.2017, 16:59

Thanks for this! Many people don't understand that Gamekit is providing free money and these are very good tips :)



08.11.2017, 04:26
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The quests really aren't difficult to begin with, and the game is actually entertaining. Even if you're a basic hack and slash gamer, you can still go aggro to lvl 32 with no strategy involved...



09.11.2017, 03:09

Don't get why people are complaining. The reason I prefer this sight over sites like swagbucks is that the tasks are actually fun. This game is something I would of played even without getting paid if I discovered it earlier.



11.11.2017, 18:23

I'm with hungrypikachu2003. We should start a guild here (and on all the other games, too!) Always use the same guild name so gamekit people can find it easily, no matter which game it's in.



26.11.2017, 06:16
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I can understand your point but i do not have time to grind a game to level 15 to 32 in 5 DAYS. Gamekit used to have a way bigger buffer giving 2 weeks to finish quests which is much more acceptable, i am sorry but this is not my main focus and i just want to play games on the side for free points. Not punish myself as i play a boring mmo rpg that lacks story and good fighting mechanics. The game overall isnt awful but i can not grind that hard without wanting to kill myself, especially on this repetitive boring game. Please, Please PLEASEEEEEE change it so the time to complete missions is longer.



27.11.2017, 16:15

Yeah speaking of xp multiplier just make friends in game or join a guild and grind, it'll make the experience faster and maybe even more enjoyable.

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