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Added Typhareus 02.11.2017, 16:00

Honestly, the fact that it has come to this where I have to make a public post regarding your lack of efficacy is just sad. You decline my first screenshot because of "quality" reasons, yet it's perfect 720p quality. With all the stats, nickname, level, etc. visible I might add. That bothers me a little. Whatever, I'll send in a second one. Yet you DECLINE my second one as well because my nickname isn't the same as the one I entered. Now I've had it.

FIRST OF ALL, word your questions correctly when you're asking people to put in their names.

SECOND OF ALL, please LEARN TO READ. The second screenshot I sent you, although my nickname isn't the same, I MADE SURE to include the name I sent in the first time. Since I registered my account name for the quest, if you hover/click over your player icon in-game, you can see your player name followed by your player ID. BOTH of which were visible in the screenshot, yet my name isn't the same?

To make things worse, all you moderators either A) don't reply to messages, or B) take years to accept screenshots.

I'm going to send the very same screenshot in, and either you can accept it, or I can get gamekit support to help me out.


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03.11.2017, 02:39
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You should get gamekit support to help you out. That is the first place you should have went, because here on the forums the moderators can't actually review screenshots. You can send a support ticket through our FAQ page. Just remember that your screenshot needs to be on the correct character page, I heard that you can open it with 'C'.



03.11.2017, 19:48

You do know this site is in a non-English first language country right? Second, they do not ask for your name they have always asked for your in-game nickname. They have never fixed anything that has been a misunderstanding on the part of the site users. They only care if the game company pats them. We are not customers we are gamers getting paid less than 70 an hour to play most games. Good luck if you stay. This site is frustrating. just check out how many time the captcha runs out as you write a small reply. I have it pop up as timed out 6 times in just this little bit of typing.

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