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Added William 31.10.2017, 01:25

Not enough time. 3 days to get from 15 to 32... I tried. This is the only game in over a year that i've been here, that didn't give you 20-30 days to complete the last quest. It took me 10+ hours to get to 15... to get to 32? Not in 3 days. i took me 5 days neglecting my main games to barely get 15... It's a cool little game but the quest time allowance is far too small of a window to complete this AND enjoy the story. Which the story is 75% of a MMORPG this old, it has tons of lore to explore. Meanwhile the time frame given destroyed the experience of the game for me :\

This makes me want to reactivate my WOW account that i have over a year of actual in game playtime on. MMOs aren't hard. The quest time allowance needs to be extended. If anyone completed this, that's awesome. but it's going to be a No from me.

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01.11.2017, 12:31

um, its possible to complete, I got to level 32 in 3-4 days :/



02.11.2017, 04:58

It is possible. Many people have done it, if it was impossible we would have lowered the level. If you feel it is too hard, you can try one of our many different quests. Sorry for this negative experience.

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