Screenshot took forever :(

Added Yukki 29.10.2017, 10:38

Ok, so i got NeverWinter to complete the mission 1 st mission - reach level 5 pretty easy, i submitted the screenshot and continue playing, it took forever for the screenshot to be valid and by the time i revived the 2nd mission (reach level 11) i'm already way past the required level. So what do i do now? start again?

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29.10.2017, 16:29

no, just take a screenshot because you did reach level 11 so it is valid even if you're past level 11, i took a screenshot for my first quest which was level 10 but i was level 11 and it was valid, as long as u make it to level 11 its valid even if you're ahead



29.10.2017, 16:50

If that works then ok, but while i was reading the requirements there an important note " We can only validate the screenshots that show exactly what the objective of the quest is" then the example is if you past the level require you goner get rejected. :/ Rip

If i make a new character and complete the mission but has a different nickname does it still get accepted?



30.10.2017, 04:39

I tried making a new character make it reach level 11, i submitted the screenshot and it got rejected. So what do i do now?



01.11.2017, 00:40

The screenshot might be denied because we have a very strict anti-scam policy, The technical staff might be able to reason with you, and if the outcome hasn't arrived yet, I can assume from past problems that you will be declined quest 2.

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