time left in quest on page different then time left to finish quest on front page

Added C 26.10.2017, 21:16

Why the hell does the count on the single quest say this
Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter 32430
Reach lvl 32 of your character
You have 03d 03h 23m 02s to finish the quest

when just this morning you gave me
Quest 3 of 3 5000 pts
Reach lvl 32 of your character

Important: We can only validate the screenshots that show exactly what the objective of the quest is
Quest remaining time: 10 days 12 h 20 min 30 sec
I better be able to get the last 5 k point on this
I screenshot both pages and have them waiting to send to the game devs to show them the bullshit and reason I will not be continuing this game if my time runs out. You do this almost every time I get to the last quest level when a game has only been on the home page 4 days. WTF

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29.10.2017, 05:28

On the front page, that is the time people have left to start it, on your D&D page, that is time you have left to finish it.