A Guide to Screenshots with the UI

Added Orion 18.10.2017, 16:00

As some players are likely unaware, Neverwinter has a long and storied history when it comes to allowing screenshots; it can be a rather onerous process as the industry-standard "PrintScreen" method does not work unless you disable the UI by entering Inspect-mode via the "B" key (by default). Indeed, even attempting to paste the copied window into an image editor will merely provide you with a desktop sized black screen.

For obvious reasons, this method would render any attempt at completing the GameKit quests impossible. As such, I am providing a brief set of instructions to circumvent the issue in-game without the necessity of any third-party program.

====== 1) Open your character menu, thus prominently displaying your character and level (in addition to the indicators in the upper-left).

====== 2) Hit the tilde key (~). On a standard keyboard, this button is located in the upper-left, above the Tab and adjacent to the 1.

====== 3) Type the following, without quotation marks: "/screenshot_ui_jpg" and hit Enter. You will see the text appear in your chat box as it is typed, though the executed command itself will neither be displayed nor will any completion prompt occur.

====== 4) Check your installation directory for the image. It will be located in: "Neverwinter\Live\screenshots"

Enjoy the game and best of luck...

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Squeezed Orange

18.10.2017, 21:57
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Or you can just press windows key+prt sc and then go to screenshot folder in images...



18.10.2017, 22:01

Windows key + Prt scr doesnt show the UI. You need to do the above command to get screenshot with UI to show up.

User deleted

19.10.2017, 01:49
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or use Frap's screenshot system.



19.10.2017, 05:44
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@Squeezed Orange: Unfortunately, on my computer, that method merely produces a black screen. It may be a driver issue or a result of running the game on an older-model computer, whereas the command is guaranteed to produce the desired image.

Also, as Scott noted, that method tends to removes the UI which negates the point of taking anything other than glamour shots.

...it is also worth considering that, while now an industry standard addition, several keyboards (custom built and those that opt for function keys instead) do not come equipped with a "Windows" ("Command" on Mac) key.

@jbdragonlance: That is an option, as are a wealth of other (free) alternatives, such as ShareX, Greenshot, ScreenCaptor... etc. Even Steam, via the overlay if launching Neverwinter from such, can capture decent screenshots. I specifically mentioned, however, that this method is intended for those who would prefer to avoid installing third-party programs and capture directly from the game.


Squeezed Orange

22.10.2017, 18:11

Idk for you but it works just fine for me doe... I guess not every pc is alike



23.10.2017, 03:38
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I just used NVIDIA game capture to record a quick video, then played the video in Windows and took a screenshot, pasted it in photoshop and saved it as a .jpg



08.02.2018, 04:38

Alternatively, once you're ingame:

Press Esc and go to Display settings. From there, set the game to run in a Windowed mode; on my computer it didn't matter if it was set as Windowed or Windowed Maximized. PrtSc key worked just dandy after doing so.

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