Developer Blog: Halaster's Lockbox

09.08.2019, 16:00

Adventurers flowing into Undermountain has caused Halaster to become even more unstable and caches of his valuables have begun to show up across Neverwinter. You will want to grab this treasure quickly as an ominous asteroid has been seen moving into orbit around the planet and reports of fierce war... (read more)

Developer Blog: Gith

12.07.2019, 15:00

We are excited to announce that a brand new playable race will be available with the launch of Neverwinter: Uprising!The githMillenia ago, mind flayers conquered a race of beings who lacked the ability to withstand the onslaught. The mind flayers enslaved the race and were cruel leaders who cared li... (read more)

Excavated Lockbox!

07.06.2019, 18:00

Greetings Adventurers!Starting June 11, the new Excavated Lockbox will become available on PC! With this, adventurers will have a chance to obtain items that are no longer available including top-end rewards! The Excavated Lockbox will drop in the world and is also available in the Wondrous Bazaar.N... (read more)

Patch Notes: Version: NW.110.20190411b.14

01.05.2019, 13:31

Release NotesEnemies and EncountersCastle RavenloftThe Portal of Power now has significantly less health.Theft of Vitae no longer goes through Block.A couple other fixes have been made to the Sisters encounter.Temple of TiamatDevils and Erinyes has had their damage output significantly reduced.The i... (read more)

Developer Blog: Wizard Changes

05.04.2019, 10:00

Exciting changes are coming to wizard in Neverwinter: Undermountain. If you haven’t already, take a look at the Introduction to Classes developer blog which discusses the class changes overall as well as high level adjustments to healing and tanking.Wizard may have dropped “Control” from its name bu... (read more)

Patch Notes: NW.105.20181121b.34

13.03.2019, 23:42

Release NotesContent and EnvironmentFangbreaker IsleDrufi should continue attacking and using skills until defeated.Items and EconomyGeneralWoven Tales Enchantment now gives +600 Critical Strike and Combat Advantage.Day of the Dungeon Master: The Card of Artifacts now only costs 5 Crumpled Cards, re... (read more)

Acquired Treasure Lockbox!

08.02.2019, 10:00

Greetings Adventurers!Starting February 12, the new Acquired Treasure Lockbox will become available on PC! With this, adventurers will have a chance to obtain items that are no longer available including top-end rewards! The Acquired Treasure Lockbox will drop in the world and is also available in t... (read more)

Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181121b.10

10.01.2019, 01:33

HighlightsProfessionsCrafting and Crafted ItemsFarskin Jacket has been renamed to Farhide Jerkin. The high-quality version, Farhide Jerkin +1, has not changed name.Level 32 profession tools can no longer be purchased from the Profession Supplies merchant.Masterwork QuestsThe Artisan now only offers ... (read more)

Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181121b.1

05.12.2018, 14:04

Highlights Professions Workshop and Quest Flow Artisans now apply to the workshop in less predictable time ranges. Lessons Learned: The tea delivery is no longer quite as difficult to reach for smaller characters. Running a Workshop: An issue has been resolved where this quest could not be complete... (read more)

Dev Blog: Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign

15.10.2018, 21:29

Hey you! Yeah you! Sitting in that chair! Ever feel like you are just a cog turning in the world where your existence means nothing? Ever feel like your pockets and heart are empty, and gold could fill that hole? Well, guess what! You can still feel that way, but under the wondrous leadership ... (read more)

Acquisitions Incorporated: Personnel

14.09.2018, 14:08

Greetings Adventurers and welcome to the Neverwinter Headquarters of Acquisitions Incorporated! For those of you wondering about the new tenants in the Southwest area of Protector’s Enclave, Lord Neverember has provided an informational pamphlet to address any inquiries into this business tha... (read more)

2x Influence & 20% off Companions

23.08.2018, 11:51

Looking for a new companion to join you on your adventures? You’re in luck! All companions are 20% off this weekend! In addition, players can also earn double Influence! Any source that would typically reward Influence will give double the amount. 2x Influence and Companion sale starts Thursda... (read more)

Summer Festival Event

29.07.2018, 23:19

The festival returns back to Neverwinter where adventurers accumulate to celebrate Sune, the goddess of beauty. Activities to do in the event - Sahha Ball: A 5v5 team based sport that has a pitched that is very similar to a football pitch- Summer Feast Contest: Adventurers herd animals and harvest ... (read more)

New expansion: Ravenloft

10.07.2018, 02:32

Hello fellow GameKit users!It's finally time for the newest expansion to hit Neverwinter. It's called Ravenloft and brings a lot of new and interesting content into the game. With a bit of help from the Vistani people, you will have the chance to travel to a new area called "Demiplane of Dread" with... (read more)

Weekly Sale: Items Up to 40% Off

01.01.2015, 00:00

Dear Players, Great news! From now, you can expect weekly sales every week! Thanks to that you will be abel to purchase great items in the Zen Market cheaper. This week you may buy:- Medium Worg Mount with a 40% discount- Dead Warrior with a 25% discount- Wedding Attire with a 25% discount. Click he... (read more)