The Driftwood Tavern Presents - April 14!

09.04.2021, 21:56

Enjoy some fowl fun before this event flies the coop! On Wednesday, April 14, members of the Neverwinter team will be on PC (Dragon) to play through some chicken PvP! Join us to team up or face off with the Devs!When: Wednesday, April 14 at 2pm PT (when is this for me?)Where: (read more)

Metallic Dragonborn Reroll Bundle!

04.03.2021, 15:55

Looking to show your devotion to the great platinum dragon Bahamut? The Metallic Dragonborn Race Reroll Bundle is available in the Zen Market for a limited time!Bundle up starting Thursday, March 4 at 7am PT (16:00 CET)Bundle down on Thursday, March 11 at 7am PT (16:00 CET)The bundle includes:Sigil ... (read more)

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