April fool's day!

01.04.2021, 21:09

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Instead of playing a prank on you we prepared a little quiz. Can you guess which one of these facts isn't true?Herar are four unbelievable facts about the Chief Game Designer of Dinosaur Park: Primeval Zoo – but one of these statements is false. Can you guess which ... (read more)

8th Anniversary

16.03.2021, 15:30

Can you believe it?! This Sunday is the 8th anniversary of #MyLittleFarmies and everybody jumps for joy! Well, maybe not everybody but the acrobats will jump and make somersaults on the "Acrobat Place“ – the new wonder of the world in the game. Pick up your free login gift and place it on your medie... (read more)

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