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Energy candy as a gift!

08.10.2019, 23:59

Hello,From October 9 to 13, 2019 , get a one-hour energy candy bonus for every 5 euros of Shop Points purchased. This item doubles the damage done by your character and your henchs.For 3 euros you will not receive any candy.For 5 euros you will receive 1 candy.For 10 euros you will receive 2 candies... (read more)

Xp and Loot event

11.09.2019, 23:59

Hello,Xp and Loot events are coming very soon!Here are the usual ratios:x4 on XP, x7 on Hench loot and x7 on item lootSeptember 13,14,15, September 21,22,23 and September 28 & 29 ratio will be : x8 on XP, x9 on Hench loot and x9 on items lootGood game everyone,JérémySource: https://mixmaster-onl... (read more)

Energy candies as a gift!

02.08.2019, 23:59

Hello,From now and until Monday, August 5, you will get Energetic candies when purchasing PB. For every 5 Euro that you spend, you will get 1 Energetic candy that doubles the damage dealt by your Hero and your Henches. Candies will be available in the mailbox on the evening of 5 August. Good Game ev... (read more)

The Cloud Quest

08.07.2019, 23:59

The second temporary quest of July is here. Here is the tutorial:'t forget the two year anniversary event of the server, rewarded items can be useful.Good game everyoneJérémySource: (read more)

Shop and event reduction XP DROP

14.06.2019, 23:59

Hello,The usual rates are:XP 4, DROP henchs 7, DROP items 7On June 15 and 16 the rates will be:XP 8, DROP henchs 9, DROP items 8A 15% discount on the whole PB shop is also in place until Monday, June 17 to the 20th.Good game to allJeremyIt is unrelated, but here is the link of two old ads that few p... (read more)

Monthly Guild Ranking

01.06.2019, 23:59

Hello,First, here is the tutorial about the guild war: (in FR)1- Apocryphon with 8 victories2- BakerWanker with 1 win.hamza6 - Receives nothing because he has participated in less than 4 wars.iSnow - Receives the Parapoong XP X2.5 Cos... (read more)