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Overleveling from LVL 18 to LVL 21 (Skipping LVL 20 - Quest 2)

Added NuKlearParaddox 12.06.2019, 04:28

I'm here to help those who think they are doing something wrong in game and gaining too much XP and accidently "Overleveling" from LVL 18 to LVL 21. First of all, there is nothing you can do in order to level up from LVL 18 to LVL 20 without "Overleveling" to LVL 21. Ever since one major update came out fro the game some time ago, the game rewards you with a "Level Skip" when you fill the XP bar for LVL 18 and automatically levels you up to LVL 21. DON'T WORRY, moderators know about this issue and if you send a screenshot showing that you are LVL 21 instead of LVL 20 (as the quest requires you to be) your screenshot will get verified and accepted, I just got mine verified (6/11/19 - 9:25) GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

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12.06.2019, 22:43

Summer Breeze its called within the game



14.06.2019, 18:06

Thanks, was worried when this happened to me today

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