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can't complete first task

Added Juriore 09.06.2019, 19:15

So first task it asks to reach lvl 7. I already had a character lvl 18 so I put her submit her nickname and then the print with the level, but then I received this message from Gamekit: "The quest 1 in the game MapleStory 2 has not been accepted due to the reason: Due to our anti-cheating rules, the level has to be the exactly the same as the level required by the quest".
I don't know what to do. I thought to just print another character, but since the nickname I submited on Gamekit was another I think they won't consider it...

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09.06.2019, 20:24
Try contacting support.

Fair warning, quest 2 is to reach level 20 (quest 3 is lvl 40).



10.06.2019, 17:07

for these cases its strongly advised to start a new character NEVER use a previously used one,
kind of is cheating/abusing the system if you played before and got to lvl 18 but want to claim rewards for lvl 7

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