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Too much experience

Added HeyItsMe 08.06.2019, 19:16

So I was trying to grind for quest #2 and I was at level 18 then by following the main questline it leads me to a dungeon and since I didn't know about how much exp it gave me when I finished the dungeon I was at level 21 exactly with 0.00 exp. Is that still ok? Since I went from level 18 to level 21

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08.06.2019, 19:38

there is an event going on that you gain 2 lvls for each 1.. so these tasks are kinda confusing just post the ScreenShot and should be accepted mine was



09.06.2019, 10:43

Hello, HeyItsMe. Your task should still be accepted as you are not that far past the objective. If it is not accepted, please contact support at for help as they should be able to accept your task there.

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