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Wrong Nickname Help?

Added John 29.12.2018, 20:42

So yesterday I saw that MapleStory 2 was a limited time quest and decided to participate. However, there were only 4 hours left to enter a nickname, and the game was a whopping 10GB download. So I decided the best course of action to take is to enter a very specific name (LaserZZ070069) that could not possibly have been taken already (I assumed that no names could match). I eventually download the game (notably long after the limited quest expired) having my nickname already sent to Gamekit. I then open up the game to find out that my character names can only be 12 characters max. Notice that my set nickname is 13 characters long. So I entered as much as I could (LaserZZ07006) and played until the quest was completed. But, as I guessed, my screenshot was denied due to an unmatching nickname. So I was wondering if I could possibly change the nickname I sent to Gamekit to another one? If no one can help me on this thread, could someone direct me to a link where I can enter a support ticket? Thanks in advance.

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09.03.2019, 10:19

Hello, John. Apologies for the late response, but there was a bug in our system that prevented us from seeing this post. If you would like faster help, then please join our Discord at
Although you had no control over it in this situation, we always recommend that users make sure their name works in game before they enter on Gamekit. If you enter the wrong name, your tasks cannot be accepted. There is a very small chance support could help, but in certain situations like this, you can contact them at for help.

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