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Added Yaw 19.11.2018, 22:21

Is there a way I can delete the quest and start over or something because I entered the nickname for my 1st account but it was rejected because the level was too high. When I made a new account, it says the nickname is different. So can I like re-enter my nickname? Pls and Ty.

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09.03.2019, 10:04

Hello, Yaw. Apologies for the late response. There was a bug in our system that kept us from viewing this post. If you would like faster support, join our Discord at
There is no way to change your nickname after you enter it. If you used an old account for the task, then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to complete it at all. If you made a new account, but made an error while entering the nickname or overleveled, then you can contact support for help. You can contact support at

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