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Over leveling

Added Lambitious 02.11.2018, 13:32

So like, I overleveled without thinking about it and wondered if I could get my quest resetted. I kinda just said F-it and leveled my character to 50 since I enjoyed it so much, I want to remake a character so that maybe I could possibly redo the quest on them.

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09.03.2019, 09:36

Hello, Lambitious. Apologies for the delay, but due to an error in our system this topic was not visible to us. Unfortunately, as time has almost definitely passed for you to complete this task, this message will mainly be here to help future users.
If you ever go too far over the level requirement, the screenshot will not be accepted. In some games, it is possible to make a new character with the same name so you can restart, but this isn't possible for most games. Normally if you overlevel, you will have to contact support at for help.

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