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Quest 1 was denied

Added Nexo 27.11.2018, 00:27

I only got like 20 minutes before expire because I couldn't launch Magic the Gathering: Arena until it got fixed till that time. I quickly did the tutorial and screenshot it, my nickname was inputted correctly. And the reason for denial is: Picture is bad quality and unable to check it. this led my quest 1 expire and couldn't get the points. Here's picture

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09.03.2019, 10:24

Hello, Nexo. Apologies for the late response, but due to an error in our system, we could not see this post. If you would like faster support, join our Discord at
If a picture is not of a high enough quality, it was most likely compressed or taken with a different device like a phone or tablet of some kind. You will have to solve this by finding ways to take and submit a screenshot on your PC without compressing it to a smaller size.
If you run out of time on a task, then there is no way to go back to that task or that stage of the task. However, if you have proof of completing the task before the time expired, support may be able to help. You can contact support at


Supreme Gelynn

17.03.2019, 02:47

This might be the wrong screen to choose. I'm hoping mine will get approved, but this is what it looks like when you complete the tutorial

The difference in our screenshot is the background is different, and the bottom check marks aren't lit up. They're dark like the background. Hopefully that's the screen they accept as proof, because we can't unlock the new decks until we complete the tutorial. And those check marks are progress of the tutorial.

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