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What do I need to screenshot to prove I did the tutorial?

Added jdmlbc1032 15.11.2018, 05:47

seriously, I have looked through the forum, and am still unclear what I need to screenshot. What should I do or what worked for yall?

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15.11.2018, 08:02

I had already done the tutorial, so i had to redo it but it still never showed my screen name and the fact i completed it on the same screen



15.11.2018, 14:32

If the first quest is now "complete the tutorial" then just take a screenshot of your profile page. I don't think you can gain access to that until you complete the tutorial, so that would be your proof you beat it.



16.11.2018, 00:34

I agree with kirkyeehee, you can't even access the Home and Profile pages until you've finished the tutorial, so once you can see the profile page, open it up, take a screenshot, and post it. It has your account nickname there. The # after the account name doesn't matter. Just hope the nickname you put here matches.



16.11.2018, 03:12

i took a screenshot of my profile page and uploaded it two different times, both times it has been declined for the reward. but literally, i can't figure any other way that you can see the tutorial is complete + also show your correct user ID. so .... fail i guess



16.11.2018, 03:19

My submission was accepted. I took one screenshot of my profile page, and another of the home page, and used Irfan to save it to one image. To be honest, I suspect the profile page alone should be enough, since you can't get to it until you finish the 5 game tutorial



16.11.2018, 03:20

If you want to see how it looks, check out imgur com/bJ1Vgxz


Supreme Gelynn

17.03.2019, 02:48

I'm going to try Kirkyeehee's idea if mine doesn't work. I took a screenshot of the check marks on the completed tutorial. So far I don't see a screen that shows the fact the tutorial is completed along with the screen name we chose.


Supreme Gelynn

17.03.2019, 10:53

Update: So, the screen that shows all your decks unlocked, along with the check marks at the bottom, isn't acceptable. I've just uploaded the profile screen, which I'm *hoping* works. If not, then we're just out of luck. There's nothing else to prove that. My guess is the profile screen works, since it has the hashtag number with our username, and that can be easily tracked on Wizard's end.