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Gandalf or Aragorn, who is better?

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Gandalf or Aragorn, who is better?

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30.09.2016, 14:32
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On what basis? In terms of character development? Attractiveness? Skill with a blade? Rhetoric?

Technically speaking, there's really no comparison between two such distinct individuals: Aragorn, although one of unsullied descendants of the venerable Dunadan royal line (the ancient kingdom of man from before their corruption and fall at the hands of Sauron), is a mere youth of 87 at the time of the War of the Ring; for all his marvelous traits, including a vast knowledge of woodcraft and warfare, is little more than a child when pitted against Gandalf.

Gandalf the Grey/White, better known as Mithrandir and properly as Olorin, is a wizard... but that's merely a guise bestowed on his kind by the races of Middle Earth. In truth, Gandalf is among the Maiar, beings of incomparable power that entered the world at the beginning of time. Although not on par with the Valar (the first of all beings created by Iluvatar and best conceived of as "gods"), the Maiar are possessed of the ability to cloak themselves in the manner of other creatures and so mingle with them... in this respect, the "Istari" (wizards) such as Sauruman and Gandalf existed. It is notable that, even among the Maiar, Gandalf was said to be the "wisest" and was a personal servant of the Valar ruler Manwe.

In essence, you're asking which is better: an, admittedly, powerful man or an immortal demigod?



15.07.2017, 13:27

It depends, when he was in the gondorian army (return of the king) he was late to everything but gandalf is a good wise wizard. when aragorn was a ranger he was good at saving the hobbits so noone wins this

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