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Don`t make this mistakeis mistake

Added ned 24.06.2020, 02:29

After you choose a nickname, the server will add a prefix with the number of the server in it, for example if you entered JohnSmith your nick will be sXYW.JohnSmith, where XYZ is the server number. I made a mistake and entered the nick in the site the same as I did in the game and didn`t pay attention to the change the game made. Now I can no longer do any of the tasks for this game :(

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25.06.2020, 21:40
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Hello, ned. The server prefix shouldn't matter. You should contact support at to see if they will accept it there.



30.06.2020, 12:25

@SwegSquirtle thanks for the response. I already missed the dead time for task #1. I created a ticket for this, hope they'll understand :/

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