New System – Demon Equipment Is Released Now!

26.03.2021, 23:59

The new system – Demon Equipment is released for warriors. Players can get Demon Equipment and lots of gorgeous items here after the level reaches 360! Let’s have a look at this gameplay's rules!Entrance: Demon EquipmentOpen Time: March 23th, 2021Event Rules:1. There are four demon equipment awaitin... (read more)

New Mount - Deepsea Sighs

12.03.2021, 23:59

New Mount - Deepsea Sighs is coming from March 14 to March 16 at Gabrielle's Gift. Unlock this Strong Mount to fight with you!>>Entrance: Gabrielle's Gift>>Event Time: March 14 to 9 March 16>>Mount – Winged LionEvent Rules:1.Gabrielle's Gift Draw Ticket will be used first for Draws... (read more)

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