Lineage 2 level 85 instantly???

Added Travis 17.01.2018, 23:21

After playing the game a few minutes im instantly level 85. Gamekit is asking for a screenshot of me at level 5 and im unsure if im on the right game. I followed the link to play from the gamekit website. Has anyone else had this problem and can help me?

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18.01.2018, 10:39

Same with me i was lvl - it said.



22.01.2018, 19:03

The game has two options the first time you log in. Lvl 1 if you are starting out or Lvl 85 if you are a veteran returning to the game. In order to receive points from Gamekit, you have to start from Lvl 1 and earn your way to Lvl 5.

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