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Quest 6 is NOT free

Added Didi 09.12.2018, 18:32

Hi. I've been playing Legend of Junior for over a week now and just yesterday finished Quest 5 of 6.

Quest 6, and the most rewarding quest, however, is "Purchase 200 or more Ingots" (ingots must be bought with irl currency). Shouldn't all game quests on GameKit be FREE to complete as advertised? Would there be a way for customers to purchase said ingots with GameKit pts perhaps (similar to one of the LoA 3 quests)?

Thank you for your feedback.

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11.12.2018, 13:13

Unfortunately there are quests like this for other games, too - it's not just Legend of Junior.

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11.12.2018, 18:33

Is it possible to obtain 200 tradeable ingots for free?



17.12.2018, 21:26

Yea, i did the quest for LoA 3 and bought the thing that supposed to give me 250 topaz, but instead i got a 5$ giftcard to get topaz. I bought the wrong amount of topaz so i don't have enough to complete the quest. I wasted my time and my points for nothing. i have enough money to get another 100 topaz, but the game only allows you to buy each amount of topaz once. In other words, i'm screwed.



17.12.2018, 21:32

And nah I don't believe you can obtain ingots through free in-game quests. @Bread



28.01.2019, 06:06
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For many of these quests, this one included, you can buy Openbucks cards from Gamekit. This will allow you to complete them without paying in cash. The Openbucks cards are generally paid out quickly.
I try to keep 1-2 of the $10 cards on hand so that I can finish paid quests.
Most of the time the paid quest will reward a higher value than the cost of the Openbucks card. This game, however, has a surcharge for using Openbucks. It is high enough that I didn't make a profit on the quest. I did complete it for the 1000 exp.



28.01.2019, 08:24

Thank you for the advice. I should buy some cards once I get enough pts

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