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Legacy skins

Added Chrislef 20.05.2019, 22:56

Hey, I am wondering why you are offering legacy skins in the rewards page. Legacy means that they will be unavailable after some time, and it's concerning that I ordered IG Rakan and IG Camille on Gamekit as June 5th is closing up. Last time I ordered legacy skins it was by writing the name in a "1350 RP skin of your choice" so I didn't expect to get it in time, but with the Invictus Gaming skins, it's like they are available forever in Gamekit. Is this a mistake? Will I get the skins? If there's a chance I don't get the skins I want to get the skins with RP before it's too late.

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20.05.2019, 23:04
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Hello, Chrislef. We are working on improving order times so we can avoid this issue in the future, but at this point we are unsure if we can get the product to you on time.
I would recommend bringing up this issue in a support ticket at and explaining most of what you have in this post.

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