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I will not receive my RP I won from the draw :(

Added Daniel 13.04.2019, 06:45

I won my PR in the draw, I waited 1 month for them to send me an email, saying that I would not pay the RP and I would pay back on points ... Just because of the changes in the company '' RIOT GAMES '' users are not at fault changes ... Unfair to want to reimburse in points, being that you can get it for free!

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13.04.2019, 17:42

Hello, Daniel. If you won an item from a giveaway and the order was rejected, you should be able to go back to the giveaway page and order it again. If this does not work, please contact support at for help.



14.04.2019, 04:46

Nor was it a matter of refusing, I opened a ticket in the faq and they said that I was not going to reward myself with the RP, they would reimburse me in points ... Because of the company that changed the amount of money paid in RP, now only has the way to get the refund in points. I think it's unfair to do this with the users because of changes in the company. '' RIOT game '' I won the PR raffle, before the company '' RIOT GAMES '' changed the values and the gamekit refused to pay me with RP, and either reimburse me on points ...

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