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Gamekit Rewards over date and not being delivered

Added fiveguys22 14.03.2018, 13:34

hey, Is anyone else having the same issue? I've made a reward claim 5 months ago for 4 steam cards and they said that it went overdue because of the suppliers. That's fine so I waited some more to be known that they don't sell what I ordered anymore... So I get refunded and try again on a different steam card amount and now the same problem. It's late overdue and they told me the same thing that the suppliers have been late again. I'm having doubts game kit wants to send the rewards.

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14.03.2018, 21:53

I can assure you that we do send rewards and this site is not a scam. I myself have earns hundreds of dollars through this site. I know currently most of the gift cards are being slowed down due to the amount of orders we get in, and by the time we restock, most of them have already gone out. I am sorry that this has happened to you but all I can tell you is to wait or order a different item, I know you don't to hear that but sorry :/



18.11.2018, 01:37

I ordered an item 3 weeks ago and the only thing i was sent was the confirmation email



27.01.2019, 09:11
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Yeah same here, I have ordered a product on 2018/12/05 and haven´t got anything yet



23.02.2019, 15:52

I use GameKit a LOT and have ALWAYS received my orders but I have ordered steam credit 2$-50$ and have been waiting a while its 18 days past its maximum date. It cant be easy for them receiving so many orders every day. I believe this is the first issue I've had with game kit and I have ordered a lot of stuff. Its 100% not a scam site it just takes a while some times due to supplier issues and the mass amount of orders.

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