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Gamekit is absolute BS

Added ree 07.10.2017, 20:19

I got two skins off this platform, Championship Zed and Sashimi Akali almost 2 weeks ago! I checked my email and it say's i've already recieved it, but I havent received anything. Not a friend request or anything, but apparently according to gamekit, ive recieved it???????

Its not my credentials either, I double checked them.

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User deleted

09.10.2017, 14:59

Happened to me 3 times. It seems they mistake you every time you order more than one thing on same account. They probably think that they finished sending off their order and cross off your name twice when they only sent your order once. Pretty much lack of being organised I suppose.

User deleted

09.10.2017, 15:04
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Forgot to add: Send Gamekit a ticket and they should be able to sort it out soon.



12.11.2017, 23:27

I've had that happen with a skin before and had 2 other issues with point rewards, but send a ticket in because they have corrected every ticket I've sent within 3 days after they give the first response. The support staff is really good which was a nice surprise.



16.11.2017, 05:41

Gamekit is legit. Like others have mentioned, you probably just fell through the cracks. Send a ticket and keep up with it. Let them know what happened. It'll get resolved and you'll get your skins. I've never been shafted a skin or RP from Gamekit before and I've ordered around 10.


SKT1 Camille

16.11.2017, 23:17
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I'm sorry for the trouble ree, make sure you got a message saying it has been sent to you, not that it's being processed. IF you receive an email saying your order is complete, go to your order history to verify with a code that will be sent to your phone. Than you should receive your skin ASAP!

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