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Skin Ordering Process (It's legit)

Added Luxington 03.01.2017, 20:10

This is for anyone who is interested in ordering League skins, what the process is like, and whether or not you'll ever actually get the skins. I know I was looking everywhere for information once I placed my order, so here's the process I went through and how it worked for me:

1) Got the right amount of points first, of course. One account, no special anything. No VPN. Just regular internet and browser. Downloaded the games, played them, followed the instructions. Done.

2) Found the item(s) I wanted. In my case I ordered SG Lux and PROJECT: Ashe. I placed the orders, SG Lux was ordered first. (Day 1)

3) Waited about 3 days. I was sent an email saying my SG Lux order was accepted and I need to confirm it and send them an email, then afterwards a friend request would be sent on League. Went to my orders, accepted the order, verified the code sent to my phone, sent the email including their special order code, my Gamekit username and link to my profile, League Summoner name, and the server I'm on (NA). (Day 3)

4) Waited about 1 more day (Day 4) and checked League. I indeed had a friend request from a GamekitNA account (they have multiple accounts). They will send you an email letting you know when they've added you, so you don't need to spam open League checking all day. At this point I was also sent the email telling me that my second order, PROJECT: Ashe, was accepted by a Moderator and ready to be confirmed by me, which I immediately did.

5) Due to Riot's gifting policies, you have to be friends for a full 24 hours before you can receive/gift anything. I checked the next day (Day 5, today), and lo and behold I have SG Lux and a new friend request from another GamekitNA account, I'm guessing to move the process along for PROJECT: Ashe.

There's the process I went through. It was relatively fast and I'm glad I didn't have to wait long (or wait the full 14+ days). I'd imagine the speed varies by Moderator/staff member. I'm hoping PROJECT: Ashe will be sent to me by tomorrow. So far, everything has been smooth sailing on Gamekit and they aren't a scam.

Hope this helps!

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20.01.2017, 23:28
2 plusy

So Gamekit could take time adding you as a friend in LoL?



21.01.2017, 00:17
2 plusy

Yes, they could take a few hours to a few days, to a week or longer. It just depends. If you're lucky you'll only have to wait a few days, if not, just sit tight. They'll get around to adding you. If it's taking particularly long, make sure you sent them all the right information.



22.01.2017, 07:48
1 plus

So i ordered my Project Ashe Skin it says 2 days till Maximum completion date. Does that mean i get my skin in 2 days?



19.04.2017, 16:23

Do you think it is ok to send for 2 legends skin unique code at one email instead of separating them into two different email responses?



20.04.2017, 01:31

on my first order they added me on the 10 (still haven't gotten the skin) however, on my second order I sent out an email to na gamekit and all gamekit on the 13 and still haven't gotten an email back but it says that the order is completed. Can I do anything that?

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