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who is a better support

Added Kymrasecperez11 30.09.2015, 19:02

Who is a better support Janna or soraka

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30.09.2015, 19:53

In my oppinion i prefer playing with Alistar and Tresh (for tanks), annie (if we need damage), blitz (for fun) and maybe soraka (if ur team really wants heals). :D



30.09.2015, 20:24

Depends for what adc,but i prefer janna anyway.She has cc and heals.



30.09.2015, 20:53

nami is the best supp! heal,cc,more dmg on the adc !



30.09.2015, 21:25

Janna cause she has a higher outplay potential and a very high peal



30.09.2015, 23:00

both supports you mentioned are good for different things.

if you are facing a poke support (imagine a sona support on the other side) soraka will be better because she has a lot of sustain so even if your adc gets poked down you'll just heal that back up

if you are facing an engage support on the other hand (imagine an alistar) then janna will work a lot better since she'd more adept at disengaging the alistar with her tornados



01.10.2015, 01:54
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Depends on the team but my opinion braum is the best now, if i should choose between janna or soraka i prefer soraka for the massive heal amount. There are a few types of lanes

Kill lane - A lane with high kill potential due to large amounts of CC and skill based damage.

Poke lane - A lane with low kill potential designed around attrition through delivering damage while avoiding incoming damage.

Sustain lane - A lane with low kill potential designed around sustained safe farming and recovery of health.

Janna - Epitome of a poke support. Shield to give while mitigate damage. Ulti and Q can defend your carry while they poke.

Soraka - Epitome of a sustain support. Can turn burst champions into pseudo-pokers through skill spam.

Sow it depends what playstyle you have.
Do you like to poke go for janna/sona/....
If you like to play really safe go soraka/taric/....
If you like to "Give" eassy kills for your adc, go blitz/tresh/...

Ps taric is useless ^^

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