Group Stages Wrap Up In World Finals

18.10.2017, 22:40

The first round of Worlds finished this week and it's onto the knockout stage! North American team Cloud 9 is the only team to make it to the knockout stage. The expected (and considered favored) team of North America, Team SoloMid or TSM did not make it out of Group 4. Many... (read more)

The 2017 World Championships Are Almost Here

23.09.2017, 03:05

Starting September 23rd, the League of Legends World Championships will commence. Twenty-four teams will battle against each other for the title of the World Champions. This event is being held at the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium in Wuhan, China. Teams reigning from twelve different that ... (read more)

Summoner we need you!

26.02.2016, 11:01

Hello Gamekitters! We would like to inform you that we are looking for moderators for Gamekit! As a moderator, your roles will be to:- Moderate screenshots that are sent in from users- Moderate the game forums, clearing out any unwanted posts- Help users with any questions they may have What wi... (read more)

Top 20 Easter Eggs from League of Legends

26.09.2015, 18:36

Have you ever encounter any strange events while playing League of Legends? Maybe you heard some stories about special places and secrets that occur so rarely, that you don't believe they existed? And have you wondered who the heck is toad George?! Don't hesitate no more, take a look at Top 20 East... (read more)

The Origen of a victory - meet the teams

14.09.2015, 12:53

Time has come to meet our beloved League of Legends teams. With 2015 World Championship approaching, the hype is rising rapidly. Official esport LoL site published get-to-know-kit for every pro squad that compete in this year finals. Click below on the banners to view full presentation. LCK &... (read more)

2016 Spring Promotion Tournament

02.09.2015, 12:14

[source:] Hey Gamekitters! New tournament is coming! LCS and Challenger teams will play against each other soon, at the 2016 Spring Promotion Tournament. Who will join Renegades and Team Dignitas EU as part of the LCS next season? Will we see any more shake-ups between the Challenger ... (read more)

Change it up with Chroma Packs

03.05.2015, 21:46

Hey, Do you want to express yourself in League of Legends better? Now you can do it with the chroma packs! Buy them for 590 RP and unlock for champions and skins you own. Thanks to these packs you will be able to reimagine original color schemes! Click here to get more info. Enjoy!