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Nickname Wont Work

Added SpamCam247 03.11.2019, 01:43

whenever I type my nickname in the field required, it says nickname already taken, try again later. Any Ideas how to fix?

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04.11.2019, 03:22

Hello, SpamCam247. Please try starting over on a new server and manually typing in an original name for your character. Enter this new name on our site and start from there.



05.11.2019, 01:34

I cant do that. I already have a current account with the game on this email, and I cant make a new account for the game, to have a different name.

I guess I wasn't clear earlier, sorry about that. Any more ideas on how to fix this?



05.11.2019, 05:03
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Hello, SpamCam247. You do not need a separate account to start over on a new server. Each server holds different data for each person, so you could go to a different one to restart.
For example, if you have a character at level 10 in Server 1, you could go to Server 2 and have no character there at all.

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