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Really? Reject the topaz I bought so I will now take a risk of not finish quest on time

Added NekoAndRew 29.09.2019, 02:42

So basically I made a mistake on the 250 topaz, so I pre-ordered a 500 topaz on for my quest. At that time I have 37 days to complete, but somehow someway right now when I have 24 days left, I got a word that my order is rejected for no reason and I have to re-preorder it which will take 3-4 weeks. This takes me in a risk of not finishing my quest. Any idea how can I do?

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30.09.2019, 23:10

Hello, NekoAndRew. If you order the 250 topaz product, it should definitely be in before your time runs out. Even if it isn't, you could contact support at for help.

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