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League of Angles III Registration Points: Unable to register name on GameKit I used through link

Added Player_097058 19.09.2019, 10:35

Hi, I'm wondering if I can get the ~12k points credit. I registered through your link with the name Dinadine, but I get the message that it's already taken?

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19.09.2019, 22:36

Got the same message when I tried to register the name the game gave me. Couldn't so I waited until level 40 to get a free rename token, and now I cant get credit for the reach level 8 challenge because I have surpassed that level... What kind of a lame excuse to not give people earned points is this? If you want to setup rules like these then perhaps you should ensure your system works properly to be able to apply the rules fairly and consistently instead of cheating people out of their time and earned points simply because they surpassed your requirements.



20.09.2019, 04:48

Hello, Player_097058 and Jeff. Please start over on a new server and manually type in an original name while creating your character. After that, you can enter your name on our site and complete the task.

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