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Quest 4 VIP1 It doesn't work? Can I finish the quest?

Added NekoAndRew 14.09.2019, 21:16

I cannot get it, I ordered 250 topaz and followed by the instructions. However, when I was on the website, I chose the openbucks one, I allowed the pop-ups, and it gives me 4 choices when none of them is a "gift card" option. There is no place for me to fill in with the card number and the pin

I have to take a photo of buying 250 topaz in gamekit as proof, but it doesn't cost me 1500 pts. I am so confused right now, I can finish the quest or not?

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14.09.2019, 21:32

well, it's ok now, I fixed it
But new problem comes, for the safety, I only put down 100 instead of 250... Now my 150 topaz locked in my card since there is not a 150 topaz choice...
I just hope that screenshot of I buying 250 topaz in gamekit is useful and can be a proof...



14.09.2019, 22:38

Yes it cannot be a proof so how can I get my 150 topaz out of the card?



15.09.2019, 17:52

Hello, NekoAndRew. You should not have bought the 100 topaz. Please contact support at to see if they can do anything to help you.

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