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The game passsed me over level 8 before I could screenshot

Added Pqncqke 10.09.2019, 12:30

I tried to get a screen cap of me at level 8 but the game progressed me through before I could get a screenshot. I'm now level 40, and it won't let me get the points. Is there a way to fix this?

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11.09.2019, 05:31

Hello, Pqncqke. Your tasks were not being denied because of your level. They were being denied since your nickname was different than the one you entered on our site. Please contact support at to see what they can do to help you.
Also, please read your notifications in the future so you can see why a screenshot was denied.



19.09.2019, 22:30

This is probably a lie. I just got denied a task also because I was told I am now too high of a level(40), when I started the game last night, tried to register it, and it tells me the name the game gave me was already used on this website. So I was forced to wait until I hit level 40 to get a free rename token to rename my account. Then when I submit the screenshot of my account that is less than 2 hours old and at level 40, I am denied because I got assigned a name that had already been used before? Fix your system, as it has lost you yet another prospective new user.



23.09.2019, 22:58
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Theres No way to fix this issue please use a short name when entering a name because it can glitch out in the system,
also don't try to "cheese the system" with photo shopping and stuff.
(don't try and make a second account because this will lead In both accounts suspended) please read the rules for more information.



26.09.2019, 21:06

just wait my friend

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