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Rejected account

Added ChanDynasty 05.09.2019, 23:01

So I created an account for the game yesterday, then I completed the first quest. After that, today I decided to do the second quest and purchased the 250 topaz. So then I signed in with the same account (I was sure about that). But for some reason when I joined a server, it made me re-enter a username. I entered the same username as yesterday but it let me in (usually it would say that the username is taken). So I played the game and my character was back to level 1. I used the topaz for the account and got rejected, from the reason "Account not registered through". This just got annoying so I'm giving up with this one.

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06.09.2019, 05:05

Hello, ChanDynasty. This game has separate progress for each server. You would have to log into the first server you played on in order to have the same progress. You will most likely have to contact support at for help in this situation.



06.09.2019, 17:37

Great now I've lost 900 points from my stupidity! Good one me. :(