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Beating a boss

Added inqntrol 09.06.2019, 14:46

Hey guys, if somebody managed to get to level 100 in Loa 3, can please tell me how the heck do I get past a boss called Tabitha? That b@#$% has an attack that oneshots my whole group. I'm level 86 and I get it that at later levels enemies are stronger, but this is total bs, it should only take half the health from the group or only oneshot one member. I used stamina to blitz through dungeons, but even so it doesn't offer too much xp. The only thing that offers good are Trial bosses, but I can use that only 3 times/per (which is also bs in my opinion), not to mention that I can't level my gear if I can't level up.

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09.06.2019, 17:56

Hey player_024341,
If the boss one taps you, it is a clear sign that you are under leveled. Try to keep blitzing dungeons and upgrading your characters.



09.06.2019, 19:50

As I said, even if I blitz through dungeons, it offers very little xp, even if I used all the stamina I would only get 1 or if I'm lucky, 2 levels, and then I have to wait a whole day just to recharge all the stamina. And the thing about being under level is not true. The enemies in the mission are level 78, including the boss, the only difference is that the boss has higher health than normal enemies. My characters are each between level 84-86, which is much higher than 78. That's why I find the boss one hit attack total bs.



09.06.2019, 19:52

The main reason I'm complaining is that I'm trying to reach 100 before the quest expires in 4 days. If I were to blitz through the dungeons I wouldn't get to 100 in time



22.06.2019, 23:32

so the last quest is to get it to level 100? :O wow

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