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Had to level up to lvl 40 to rename character and the 1st task gets denied

Added Hitman2847 20.05.2019, 20:53

so when i started the game , gamekit asked for username, when i provided gamekit with the username LOA3 gave my character by default it said the name has been submitted before, so i had to wait until i get to level 40 to get the renaming card reward to be able to rename my character but now the tsk gets denied , how should i proceed to create a new character on a new server without being able to rename it when i am on lvl 8?? nad does'nt spending topaz to rename the character advance my VIP lvl to 1 and ruin the later task which is toget lvl 1 VIP??

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20.05.2019, 23:01

Hello, Hitman2847. Please always make sure that the name you enter on our site works in game immediately as your start. In this case, you could have simply restarted on a new server and manually selected a name. There is no way for you to complete the first task in this situation, however, it is possible for support to be able to help you. You can contact support at for help.



21.05.2019, 14:31

I would if the game let me change it right away without asking for money (TOPAZ), and every other game lets the player choose a username when creating a new game , not giving a random short username and ask for money to change it



02.06.2019, 09:05
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Hey Hitman2847 and others that may stumble upon this question,

to clear things up, the game actually lets you choose a nickname, if you pay a little attention. There is a screen for roughly 30 seconds, where you can pick your own or randomize your username. If you're tabbed out, the game will simply pick a random one and throw you into the game.

What SwegSquirtle meant was, that we allow users to create a new character, exactly for that reason. Those random nicknames also tend to repeat themselves, thus it's allowed to go on a different server (selection is possible on the start page of LoA3) and create a completely new character, this time being aware of the possibility to choose a nickname.

Also to remind you, we can only accept screenshots that show the exact name you entered on Gamekit. Thus it's always smart to first choose a name in the game and to wait until you see the name in the game. Then you can enter it on Gamekit.

I hope that could clear up any questions that might arise in the future too.

Kind regards

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