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Razer Items Redemption

Added butihavemychicken 08.05.2019, 19:56

Can't find a forum based on prizes and can't find a way to submit a question. The redemption for the Razer items is unclear. It says I can receive Amazon cards for the value of the item "after completing the order."

Does this mean after I order the prize on Gamekit, you send me Amazon codes to that value?

Because it would be unfair for me to have to buy it on Amazon, then be reimbursed in Amazon cards. I can't pay off my credit card with Amazon cards.

Just looking for clarity. Thanks.

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09.05.2019, 02:32
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Hello, butihavemychicken. You would receive Amazon codes to pay for the product. This reward is not a form of reimbursement. Also, you can contact support by going to and choosing contact us in any category.