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Phone number verification issue

Added ryanholtt 17.02.2019, 11:58

So I want to purchase 250 topaz - LOA 3 (EU) pack to get to the next step of the Quest (4) where I need VIP. So my problem is that when I add the phone number it doesn't send the verification code. Why is that?

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17.02.2019, 22:53

Please make sure you have entered your phone number in correctly, and that your country code is correct, you may need to remove/add a '0' at the start of your phone number (after the country code). This is different for anyone, try it with and without the 0 and make sure to wait to see which one is successful,
Hope I helped :D



17.02.2019, 23:29

Hi Sam, thanks for the quick response. I used the number correctly. It's just that I used multiple online SMS receive phone numbers. Is your system not sending to these types of numbers or is it something else. To make things clear, I don't own a phone number so I was obligated to use an online service that receives SMSes.



18.02.2019, 17:49

I was wondering if your service can send SMS outside US. I've tried using this free service to send a SMS to an online phone number from and it works, but when I add the phone number into your Phone number verification it doesn't send any message. As I mentioned in the previous message, I don't own a local phone number.

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