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Cant do quest 2 (Level 8) because took so long to get a rename card

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I couldnt do Quest 2 because Gamekit said the nickname I had was taken. SOOO Because of that I had to level up to 40 to get the free name change. In which I made sure both names were available. Now because of this Im getting "Can only accept the level asked" due to anti cheating" Well Its my fault because someone else had my nickname? Thats a terrible ruleset.

Help? I am level 40 now because I had to get that high to get the rename card (I looked it up) as I didnt have 200 Topaz to change my name.

Hopefully I get some help.

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15.02.2019, 23:12

Hello, hirotrujillo. Please contact support for help with this issue. You can contact support at



16.02.2019, 07:39

Play on a different server with the same name. There's hundreds of servers. This will solve the problem.