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Ordered Topaz to get that sweet Level 1 VIP free...Nothing yet?

Added Chris 10.02.2019, 18:12

Any idea on this Topaz coming in? Do I get a friend request or something for them to deliver it to me?

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10.02.2019, 22:48

Hello, Chris. The topaz is generally delivered pretty quickly and it will be given to you as a prepaid code.



10.02.2019, 23:31

Add on to SwegSquirlte and from my posts before. This is what you'll need to do once you receive the code from gamekit.

"Once you receive the 250 topaz order from here, you will get a code, go on the game, hit recharge, then on the payment options go to "Cash & Prepaid" then select " Openbucks" as payment option. A new window will pop up, you'll go to openbucks, and there will be an area for the openbucks card you have to enter the code."

Once you complete that you will get the vip 1 and have 250 topaz.



10.02.2019, 23:52

Understandable. Its only been 15 hrs, just curious. I will just wait until then Thank you.