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The Gamer

You have to pay for quest 4?!

Added The Gamer 20.10.2018, 09:45

I have completed all the quest up to 4 and it asks me to buy vip1 and to do that I need to recharge (or buy 250 gems which is 4.99) but it says on the main page of gamekit that its free

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20.10.2018, 11:29

Hello, Yes, you have to pay for any quest four (unless it is a special game E.g. WarThunder) but you will get more value back in rewards :D


The Gamer

20.10.2018, 12:02

but i can get a £5 steam card in my local shop and in this game i have to pay £4.99 and i only get a $5 gift card in gamekit store so i would be losing money if i did quest 4


The Gamer

20.10.2018, 12:04

also the current money exchange thing is 5£ (Great British pounds) is 3.82 dollars


The Gamer

20.10.2018, 12:10

I just did the math if i had to spend all of the 3000 points i get from the quest i would turn into money i would get only $5.50 and if you turn that into £gbp 4.21 so i would be losing money again ( explain please)

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