Win New Outfit in Lunar Festival Event!

03.02.2019, 02:00

The Lunar Festival is coming! Let’s celebrate the New Year of the Chinese lunar calendar ingame! From Feb. 4th to Feb. 8th, all players have the chance to obtain the fantastic new outfit – Lunar Blaze. What are you waiting for? Just press play and win great rewards!Event Time: Feb. 4th to Feb. 8th E... (read more)

Featured Hero: Theresa - Angel of Dragon

28.01.2019, 01:51

Half Dragon, half angel, Theresa's controversial birth instigated the Divine Inquisition Upheaval which led to rifts between the Angels. A tragic and challenging childhood gave Theresa the infinite courage and unbreakable faith she needed, “the price of growth will make you feel painful” becoming he... (read more)

Theresa: The Angel of Dragon

15.01.2019, 01:56

Theresa’s first appearance in the canon of League of Angels was as the only hybrid child of the Prime Angel and Dragon King Ulysses. With a rebellious but kind personality in League of Angels 2, Theresa’s life was filled with conflict and uncertainty due to her special heritage, which even caused th... (read more)

Win New Outfit in Angel’s Carnival!

08.01.2019, 01:16

Angel’s Carnival is going to start on Grace Continent! Why not seize the chance to get the new outfit --Silverfrost Armor? Collecting Pumpkin Pies and Turkey Dinners as exclusive tokens in-game and exchanging special items from Jan. 9th to Jan. 13th! Play hard and win big!Event Time: Jan 9th to 13th... (read more)

Win Chain of Justice in Angel’s Treasure!

28.12.2018, 12:00

The X-server event Angel’s Treasure will be available from Dec 29th to Dec 31st. Players will be able to obtainChain of Justice as Limited Theme Reward and other various items as Normal Rewards by consuming the Angel’s Treasure Lottery Ticket (Abbreviated as “AT’s Lottery Ticket”) to spin the wheel.... (read more)

Try your Luck in X-Server Angel’s Fortune!

25.12.2018, 12:50

Celebrate the Winter holiday in Grace Continent with Angels! Spin the lucky bar in X-Server Angel’s Fortuneevent and try your luck to win rewards within 3 days!A New Lottery event with special rules to test your lucky value even more! X-Server Angel’s Fortune, where players are able to spin the luck... (read more)

Summon the Legendary+ Wendy

15.12.2018, 12:00

As a legendary+ buffing support angel, Wendy was voted as one of the most popular heroes due to her special skills in battles. This cute angel of mixed descent who became a hardened fighter after witnessing her family’s slaughter is now available through the Wendy’s Summoner event. From ... (read more)

Update V3.13.0: New Hero Isolde

10.12.2018, 12:31

Roll on the holiday season! In V3.13.0, the League of Angels III team have been busy preparing for the annual Winter Festival in Grace Continent. A new Hero Isolde, the founder of Frost Kingdom, will make her way to the Temple and Hero Backstory, and will be available to all players d... (read more)

Update V3.6.0: Get Ready for Haunting Eve!

23.10.2018, 14:14

The annual Haunting Eve is approaching! All the cities across the Grace Continent will be ornamented with pumpkins, bats and candles in the next two weeks in celebration of Haunting Eve. A new legendary+ ATK hero, who is able to revive after empowering to level 4, will debut in events.&nb... (read more)

Edith, the Silvermoon Guardian

15.10.2018, 13:59

“I will sacrifice everything to defend my country and its people.”        ----Edith Equipped with beautifully emblazoned gold and silver armor and her huge claymore Durandel, Edith is the captain of the Everlast Dynasty guard. As a determined warri... (read more)

League of Angels III Summer Festival Guide

07.09.2018, 14:31

As the fever of the 2018 World Cup fades and the spooky Halloween hasn’t yet started, angels on the Grace Continent usher in their annual summer festival! All players are invited to join us in one-month carnival starting from the first week of September! From in-game summer-them... (read more)

LoA III Points Store Available Now!

31.08.2018, 14:34

Good news! The long-awaited League of Angels III Points Store has finally opened. From now on,LoA III players can exchange for awesome items on Points Store with G points earned on GTarcade desktop. Let’s see what are available this time. That’s not all! Keep up to date with u... (read more)