Is it worth ?

Added goodguy8 13.09.2015, 16:43

Is this game worth the GB it takes ? exps ?

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30.09.2016, 00:15

Last Chaos is a forgotten product of a bygone era. Although the vanity screenshots seek to portray a more stylized and contemporary title, Last Chaos (even on its highest settings) looks like a MMO from the early 90's and is riddled with all manner of antiquated systems that impede any semblance of fluid gameplay. Resolutions are restricted, while a paltry smattering of graphical options exist beyond that (textures and shadows) and almost no GUI/HUD modification. The engine itself is so archaic that, paired with the more recent netcode, you may find yourself clicking on monsters that have yet to be rendered given its limitations. Gameplay consists of a rudimentary tab-targeting system, with creatures literally spawning in from the void before your very eyes. The translation to English, despite its decade long tenure on the market, is shockingly abysmal, with both grammar and formatting lacking any coherency. To whit: a series of early-game quests task you with speaking to a number of other NPCs around the starting town... yet the quest may be completed by merely clicking the quest-giver again immediately. This holds true for the next two quests said individual provides, as well, despite what the flavor text seeks to imply! In terms of statistics and character development, Last Chaos is also sorely lacking: there are four stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Constitution) which confer very minor bonuses and may be modified by one point per character-level. This, obviously, leads to an uncanny sense of familiarity between otherwise unique character classes as there's very little to truly differentiate them. A fairly robust "crafting" system is purportedly available, but achieving anything of value in it demands more time than you'll likely be willing to commit.

All told, Last Chaos is an enigmatic game: why does it still exist? Who actually plays this when so many superior alternatives, even among the F2P market, are available? I can't answer those queries, but I can respond to yours, goodguy8: no, it's not.

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